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Sandy Oaks Grooming and Spaw

Beth Bruster has been working  as a dog groomer for over 23 years. Most of that time as been spent working in the Coastal Bend community. She joined the Sandy Oaks family in 2016 were she continues to serve her many loyal clients and extended her love for dogs to ours. 

She has a few pets of her own including a black pug named Layla who often comes to work with her.


Meet Our Groomer 

At Sandy Oaks we do our best to make the grooming experience

fun for your pet. All Spaw and Grooming appointments include plenty of treats, love and our famous Sandy Oaks play time! 



Spaw and Grooming


by appointment

Monday - Friday

9:00AM - 5:00PM


9:00AM - 12:00PM


Classic Bath

Our classic bath for when your pet just needs a refreshing clean up from everyday play or their Sandy Oaks stay. 

Includes: Bath with a subtle, refreshing blue fig and orange blossom scent, clean ears and eyes, blow dry and a light fragrance spritz.

Small (20lbs and under)              $20

Medium (21lbs - 50lbs)                $25

Large (51lbs - 75lbs)                     $30

X-Large (76lbs and up)                 $35

Sandy Oaks Bath and
Touch-up Trim

Our Sandy Oaks Bath and Trim will have your pet looking fresh

and smelling great! This is a professional cleaning plus a healthful and beautifying trim of those areas of your dog that get heavily soiled: head, paws, ears and private areas. If your dog seldom requires a full groom, a bath and trim will keep him/her in top condition. This is also a great option for in-between full spaw grooms.

Includes: All of Sandy Oaks Spaw Bath and a sanitary trim with aromatherapy.

Sandy Oaks Spaw Bath

Give your pet the full bath experience so they go home clean and refreshed from head to toe!

Includes: Bath with your choice of shampoo, blueberry facial, ears flushed, anal glands, blow dry, nails and a light fragrance spritz.

Under 20lbs                                            $25

21 - 35 lbs                                                $40

36 - 50 lbs                                                $45

51 - 90 lbs                                                $55

91 - 110 lbs                                              $65              Ask for price over 90lbs

Sandy Oaks Spaw Groom

Let us get your pet looking their best for a special occasion or "just because". Our spaw groom is a professional cleaning, plus a styled cut for your dog's coat. They will get the full Sandy Oaks Spaw experience and go home smelling great and looking sharp!

Includes: A Sandy Oaks Spaw Bath package plus a full groomers cut and style of your choice in a calming environment that includes aromatherapy.

Under 20lbs                                            $35

21 - 35 lbs                                                $45

36 - 50 lbs                                                $55

51 - 90 lbs                                                $70

91 - 110 lbs                                              $80

Ask for price over 110lbs

Furminator + Bath

The Furminator package is the perfect way to get red of all the extra fur and minimize shedding by using a special brush to work through the undercoat and get all the loose hair. After being brushed your pet will be washed with a hair control shampoo/conditioner and then have their coat blown out.

Under 30lbs  $30

Over 30lbs    $40

Under 20lbs                                            $45

21 - 40 lbs                                                $60

41 - 65 lbs                                                $70

66 - 90 lbs                                                $90

91 - 110 lbs                                              $95

Ask for price over 110lbs


Your pet's paws are important to keep in great shape so they stay happy and light on their feet. Regularly having your pet's paws groomed and moisturized will help prevent cracks and damage to their pads.

Includes: Paw hair trim, pad lotion, nail trim/grind and nail polish (optional)

All Breeds                $15

Additional Services

Paw/Skin Lotion                             $3 (For cracked pads or dry elbows)

Ear Cleaning / Hair Removal        $5

Nail Paint                                         $5

Brushing                                          $5

Deep Conditioning                         $5

Nail Trim / Grind                             $10                                 

Teeth Brushing                                $10

De-matting                                       $15 (additional $5 every 5min after initial 10min)

Hydro and Aroma Therapy            $15 for 10min

Anal Glands                                      $15

Flea and Tick Bath

All Breeds               $25

Extra $5 for every 10min over

20min spent clearing fleas and ticks. 


All Breeds                 $35

Owners must provide current shot records for Rabies, DHLPP and Bordetella before pet can participate in any services at Sandy Oaks

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